Frequently Asked Questions

As the hostess you are the main point of contact.

You are responsible to coordinate your dates with your guests, collect payment, ensure they know the house rules, and be the conduit for any questions.

You will be responsible to complete and sign the registration form and to disseminate the information documents you feel are necessary to communicate to your guests.

This does not mean that they can’t contact us on their own; we take all questions from anyone. Frequently the hostess helps the group coordinate meals. Daffodil House does not provide meals.

Yes please include the next day even though you will not be spending that night.

When you schedule your booking online, select each day that you plan to stay overnight AND the next day as well to ensure that you have until 3 pm on your checkout date without anyone interrupting your stay.

Upon booking you will receive an invoice emailed to you.

This will include a registration form, the invoice for your $300 deposit, and in the body of the email we ask that you verify your dates.

If you have never stayed with us, you will also receive various other documents for general information including this FAQ.

The deposit is due within one month, the due date will be on the invoice.

Roughly 60 days before your retreat we will touch base with you for a final count.

We will then send you a final invoice that is due 30 days before your retreat.

As a small business we do not accept credit cards nor do we have a business PayPal account.

Other than mailing a check, Bill Pay is an option if you use online banking.

We prefer one check or one envelope of checks.

Because the house rents for a flat rate per night, cost per person is dependent on the number in your group.

Up to 4 table-share guests can stay on a $25 per night basis.

This allows you to have a guest for one night or the whole stay.

The extra sleeping spaces will be made available upon request only.

If you are not sure about how many guests or when they will stay, please contact us prior to your final payment and we will discuss options.

The lot line is the row of trees between the house and barn.

If needed, you can also park on the lawn.

The first time you stay with us I will reach out to you a few days before your arrival to confirm your first person’s arrival time and give you the code to get in.

You are pretty much on your own – unless you need us!

We live next door—across the field and can usually respond quickly.

Please label all of your tools. If we find something we will contact your hostess.

Perishable items are tossed, unless you leave a note that says, “There’s a treat for you in the fridge”

Paper products are put in the cupboards for anyone to use .

If it’s a bathroom item, such as shampoo left in the shower, it is added to our stash in the cupboards.

We have iron cleaner in the totes on the shelf of the pressing tables.

It is simple to use and the directions are with it.

YES! We provide a paid subscription for the retreat to Hulu Live which provides local programming and games as well as movies and TV shows.

This is the only paid subscription for the retreat so please keep in mind that, while the TVs provide access to many streaming apps, you must sign in to your own accounts to use these apps.

For example, Netflix is a paid subscription so to use it, sign in with your account.

However, we must all remember to also sign out at the end of your stay.

As such, we also ask that if you see a name that is not yours, please sign out of that app so that you are not purchasing movies or shows on someone else’s account.

This has happened so please do try to remember to sign yourself out, or someone else that may have forgotten. Again, you do not need to sign in or out of Hulu Live, which is the retreat’s account.

The house is temperature is controlled by a remote thermostat sensor above the ironing board.

The thermostat itself is in the living room.

The fan is always on to ensure comfortable temps throughout the house.

Yes! We are your next door neighbors—about a half mile across the field away!

The house should not be considered “child-proof” as irons are hot and cutting tools are sharp.

Windows in the second story are also close to the floor.

Visitors under the age of 10 MUST have written permission from the owners.

We reserve the right to stop in confirm guest lists.