Relax, Reconnect, Create







By design, Daffodil House is all about connecting with

your  friends, family, and nature.

Is your tank running empty? Are you annoyed with interruptions during your personal time?

Invest in yourself and those you care about—take some time for an interruption free experience, one that will rebuild your patience, relax your mind, strengthen bonds with friends or family, and reignite your creative fire. Whether you want to just reenergize with some “recharge me” time, to pass the legacy of creating to young crafters, or are just looking to reconnect with family or friends, Daffodil House has the ideal environment for you. Here you can relax, play, read your book, work on a puzzle, start a project, finish a project, or just see other’s projects! You will return home with a recharged outlook, empowered attitude, and the feeling the joy that comes from creating balance in your life!

If you don’t have a project to bring, or just want to try something new, set your creativity free! Daffodil House was my mom’s house and others have also contributed to our supply room. We have supplies for card making, stamping, scrapbooking, painting, kitting or crocheting, paper piecing projects, and patterns for wall hangings, doll clothes and stuffed animals and more! (Email if you have specific questions.)  The excellent internet service will allow you to get instructions on anything you want to try. Daffodil house is a uniquely open space where the crafting room, supply room, kitchen and dining area are all connected.

Crafting not your thing? Do you love to cook or bake? Do you have a family recipe that you want to pass to another generation? Our fully equipped kitchen provides what you need. You can cook here and still be among friends. If you prefer some privacy for catching up, our living room has comfortable furniture and a beautiful French door to create a space for just you.



We believe in passing knowledge to the next generation and encourage you to bring junior crafters ages 10 and up.

**For an additional $25 per person per night you can add up to 4 additional guests to share your tables. (for a total of 14)
Both the living room and craft supply room have closing doors for sleeping privacy and our 4″ foam floor mattresses sleep like a dream!

Contact Linda to for early check-in and late check-out possibilities